Mayor-elect Mecham says her strengths play to Carey’s current needs

“We’re kind of the next great frontier for Blaine County”
Published: Nov. 4, 2021 at 2:17 PM MDT
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CAREY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Change is on the horizon in Carey as Sara Mecham unseated longstanding incumbent Randy Patterson in the city’s mayoral election on Tuesday. Mecham, who formerly worked for the city as a planning official, said she feels her experience in that role suited Carey’s current needs.

“For me, I see a lot of challenge coming down for Carey,” Mecham said. “We’re kind of the next great frontier for Blaine County. Most of the land has been built out in Bellevue and Hailey. We’re seeing growth just funnel down especially after COVID, there’s just been a huge push of land being bought up and subdivided, and I see that coming our way.”

While Carey generally differs politically from its neighboring cities in Blaine County, Mecham said political ideology played no role in her desire to run for mayor.

“I’m not a specific party,” Mecham said. “I vote for my values, whatever those are, and I appreciate anyone else voting the same.”

One person who voted for Mecham in Tuesday’s election said she valued Mecham’s willingness to allow all community members to have a seat at the table.

“She has a great vision for our town, making things grow and change,” said Mecham supporter and Carey resident Brandi Hennefer. “She is excited to listen to the community as she makes these changes so that we all have a voice.”

While the real work does not begin until next year, Mecham has already been mulling questions on the city’s future, comparing Carey’s prospective development to a child’s “growing pains.”

“What is our Main Street going to look like? Are we going to have sidewalks?” Mecham asked. “Should we have farm animals next to a commercial building? Being in a rural town, we’re used to that but I think that’s being challenged now because we are growing up.”

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