Twin Falls cross country runner breaks school record

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 1:23 AM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A Twin Falls High School cross country runner just broke a 10-year school record.

Stockton Stevens ran the Bugtown Invitational in 15.26, eclipsing Eric Harris‘ record by three seconds.

The junior has improved his times over the past few months and increased his training from running 30 miles in a week to now 60.

Currently Stevens’ time is ranked fourth in the 4A classification.

He hopes to earn a Gatorade Runner of the Year award at some point in his career.

“I’ll need to be a state champion, maybe break some records in track this spring and hopefully have some successes as a team too.”

”I know that he’s in a good place, in a good headspace, I’m excited because we get a whole another year with him and our boys team is doing exceptionally well under his leadership,” explained head coach Tonia Burk.

Stevens also ran in the 4A district championship on Thursday at Kasota Park in Heyburn, placing fifth after battling an undisclosed issue on the course.


1. Aaron Bradshaw 16:36.7 Burley

2. Derek Schultz 16:37.8 Mountain Home

3. Blake Crandall 17:06.5 Twin Falls

4. Russell Frampton 17:07.0 Twin Falls

5. Stockton Stevens 17:08.2 Twin Falls

6. Jacob Miller 17:21.5 Canyon Ridge

7. James Wright 17:27.4 Twin Falls

8. Anthony Botch 17:29.5 Twin Falls

9. Vincent Showers 17:29.7 Jerome

10. Erik Baker 17:46.8 Burley


1. Twin Falls 27

2. Burley 57

3. Jerome 89

4. Canyon Ridge 103


1. Julia Gilbert 19:56.4 Mountain Home

2. Olivia Kendell 20:04.1 Burley

3. Nolan Dickerson 20:16.2 Twin Falls

4. Anna Gilbert 20:17.5 Mountain Home

5. Isabella Beilke 20:32.0 Jerome

6. Elizabeth Driscoll 20:41.5 Jerome

7. Meisha Bingham 20:41.7 Twin Falls

8. Brittany Garling 20:45.5 Twin Falls

9. Andrea Maccabee 20:51.4 Twin Falls

10. Abigail Robinson 21:06.8 Twin Falls


1. Twin Falls 37

2. Jerome 68

3. Mountain Home 69

4. Burley 87

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