Polynice siblings return to CSI for third season finale

Published: Sep. 18, 2021 at 12:27 AM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — It’s not often that College of Southern Idaho athletes return for a third year, but the Polynice siblings are back for the finale of their junior college experience.

We’ll begin with Chayce. Last time we caught up with him, he had just signed with Westmont in Santa Barbara.

But he wasn’t comfortable with the recruiting process and the decision didn’t feel right. Plus, after talking matters over with his sister Gabby and his family, he wanted to return. Especially since they lost a family friend.

“I decided on coming back here after some things happened back home, my sister lost one of her closest friends and that was one of the biggest reasons I came back,” Chayce explained. “We did the first two years together. Might as well come back and do this last year and get that last push of development I needed.”

For Gabby, she didn’t start playing volleyball until junior year of high school after transitioning from cheer.

Since arriving at CSI, Gabby feels more confident in her body and abilities.

Coach Jim Cartisser tells us she’s one of the biggest leapers on the team and can run the zero tempo sets out of the middle.

Now Gabby and her brother hope to utilize these opportunities.

“We just wanted to come back and experience CSI again and have a re-run of freshman year to make up for the time we didn’t play,” Gabby said.

“It’s been a process for Gabby” exclaimed head coach Jim Cartisser. “She started later in volleyball compared to most. She spent the first year catching up, she spent the second year establishing herself and then coming in this third year, she can take a deep breath, be a leader and be a force on the court as well.”

He feels Gabby’s return will give her better recruiting opportunities and more time to make that decision, considering CSI’s 2020 season was pushed back until spring of 2021.

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