The deadline for the star card real ID is pushed back once again

Be prepared to have all the paperwork needed for the real ID
Published: Apr. 30, 2021 at 11:26 AM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — You will now have more time to get your real ID or Star Card as it’s now in Idaho.

The Department of Homeland Security extended the deadline for the enforcement of the Star Card from October 1. of this year to May 3, 2023.

While the deadline has been moved back again due to the pandemic the DMV still recommends getting it in advance so there is not a big rush as the deadline hits.

The cost of the star card is the same as a regular license, but more paperwork is needed. You will need to bring proof of your identity, your social security number, which can be your social security card or W2, and proof of residency.

And not everybody’s paperwork will the same based on your background.

“For example, if you’ve changed your name you have to prove that you’ve changed your name,” said Jillian Garrigues with the Idaho Transportation Department. “So, that happens a lot to women who have been married and they’re using their birth certificate to prove their identity, but then their social security card might have their married name now so those names don’t match up. So, you have to bring your marriage license to prove you’ve changed your name.”

You can find more information on exactly what documentation is needed at

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