Behind the Business: Frederickson’s Fine Candies offers not just chocolate, but tradition

Published: Jan. 6, 2021 at 4:30 PM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A Twin Falls business is not only making gourmet chocolate and satisfying people’s sweet tooth, but offers tradition as well.

Angie Cameron, the owner and production manager at Frederickson’s Fine Candies, went over the history of the store.

“My grandpa started it in 1936,” Cameron said. “It started out as an ice cream shop, and then as the year went by, his grandpa suggested that maybe he sell candy in the winter, when ice cream isn’t as popular.”

It’s also served hamburgers, then went back to ice cream and candy for a time, and now Frederickson’s serves only candy, which is all made in the basement.

“We sell lots of different kinds of chocolates, creams, caramels, cherries, nuts, toffee,” Cameron said. “Our most popular is probably the caramels and the cherries. We also make caramel hearts, trees, eggs, those are probably what people come back the most for.”

While the business is a family tradition, others make it a tradition to buy from there.

“Our chocolate is just really good,” laughed Cameron, “But traditions, their family expects it because they’ve always had it since they were little. And so, now that they’re parents and they start giving it to their kids, and we have a lot of them that come in and say that, ‘We couldn’t stop even after our parents passed away, our kids still expected it.’”

2020 did cause some stress for the store.

“We were really worried in the beginning, because Easter was not good,” Cameron said. “We were probably our sells were probably at 50%.”

Business has since picked back up, and it’s also led to new ways to sell their candies.

“We just started online sales,” Cameron said. “And although we don’t have all of our products online, some things don’t ship as nice like cherries, so we typically have people call for that one, but that is our first step, is expanding through the internet — slowly.”

Although they have an eye on the future, they’re also not forgetting the past.

“We especially love hearing the stories, because we’ve been here so long, people talking about when they were kids, how they got to come in, or how their grandparents bought for them, and the tradition just keeps going and going,” Cameron said.

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