Cassia schools working with new online reading app

Once downloaded, books are easily accessible on electronic device
Published: Dec. 11, 2020 at 4:57 PM MST
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DECLO, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Cassia County School District is introducing a way for students to access the library system through an app.

Cassia is one of eleven school districts in Idaho to now use the SORA app. The app allows students to access a growing number of books in the school library system.

“The nice thing about this app is students can bring their own devices to school and download books to those devices so that when they get home they don’t have to have access,” said Cassia School District Librarian David Cole.

“I tested it last night where I turned off my data and my Wi-Fi and I still could access the full book easily,” Declo High School junior Ethan Osterhout said.

Cole says he knew he needed to find an online library platform when the pandemic started. For readers, like Osterhout, the app makes reading more accessible.

“You can’t go to the school during the summer to get a book, so you can just always get it from your phone just as long as you are in Wi-Fi when you first download it,” Osterhout said.

Currently, the online selection is mostly fiction books.

“We’re working on adding copies of non-fiction books that teachers can assign to students to read to supplement the learning they are getting on their core curriculum coursework,” Cole said.

Students can also listen to audio books, which can help with some mandatory reading.

“We were hosting Thanksgiving and so we had to clean the whole house,” said Declo Junior High School student Ava Cameron. “Instead of just cleaning I was able to listen to my book and clean while I was doing all my chores chores and it helped me get through my chores much faster and it entertained me.”

The app also has access to the Idaho digital e-book alliance. O’Leary middle school in Twin Falls also uses the app.

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