Animal rescue volunteer describes the overwhelming amounts of unwanted animals in the Magic Valley

Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 7:25 PM MDT
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WENDELL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) -The co-founder of a group of Magic Valley volunteers, who is willing to help trap and catch many of the abandoned or lost pets of Southern Idaho is using her voice to explain the overwhelming problem of unwanted animals.

Mary Holley is the co-founder of Anything’s Pawsable, a group that hopes to be a resource for those of you who have found a pet and aren’t sure where to take them. She said there are just too many animals coming into the shelters and rescue organizations right now.

“People are dumping them, we are finding them with bullets,” Holley said. “We are at a point, a breaking point.”

When the animals come into the shelter or rescue they aren’t always just left there to wait for their owners to find them. Each animal that comes into the shelter comes with a price.

“They come in with issues of parvo, ringworm, campylobacter, just things that have to be treated, our animal control officers are being faced with this and yet our animal control officers are one of the least paid in any city or county,” Holley said.

They see this type of need for treatment every day, one example comes from a dog at the Wendell Animal Shelter. This dog was brought in on Sunday and currently has two tumors that are starting to burst open.

“This dog needs help today, where do I go?” Holley said.

That’s where it gets complicated and strenuous for the shelter or rescue. Who pays for this dog’s treatment if nobody comes to pick her up?

“It’s going to be at least $300 to $600 to take care of this issue,” Holley said. “For those people that think veterinarians should be giving away free services to our cities, they can’t give away enough it would close their doors, it’s too much.”

She believes we cannot rescue away from this problem, and we need a state-wide comprehensive plan. Holley also believes this problem has been going on for years, and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to add to it.

“Ada County has the Idaho Humane Society, but over 70 percent of Idaho has nothing, and we need to figure it out, because those particular areas that have nothing, have huge problems,” Holley said. “I think I a lot of people need to realize, spay and neuter, get your animals spayed and neutered.”

She hopes to present a plan to Idaho legislators this year, that would help keep animals out of the crisis.

Animals cannot be adopted out of the Wendell animal shelter. For more information regarding Anything’s Pawsable and to find out how you can help check out their Facebook page.

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